Will Csk get a chance to Go in Final? Csk vs Dc, who'll reach the final? Know Details

The top 4 squads in the 14th season of IPL (IPL 2021). These include Delhi Capitals (DC), Chennai Super lions (CSK), Royal Competitors Bangalore (RCB) and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). 

IPL 2021 Qualifier 1 Details - CSK or DC ?

    In the first qualifier of the season, IPL 2021 Qualifier 1 will face Delhi vs Chennai. (IPL 2021 Qualifier 1 Chennai vs Delhi Shikhar dhawan & ms dhoni are in the 5 game changer players who have the eventuality to win their squad) 

Delhi or Chennai, who'll reach the final?  IPL 2021 Qualifier 1|  This will decide the 5 star player in IPL 2021

csk vs dc qualifier 1 2021 live

The winning teams will advance directly to the final in ipl. The losing squad will also get a extra chance. though, both the platoons will be in the mood to reach the final in the first round. Which squad wins this qualifier will depend on the performance of 5 players from both the crews. All five players from both squads have the capability to turn the match around. 

  •  MS. Dhoni 

Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has the most experience in the playoffs. Under his leadership, Dhoni has led his squad to a whole of 11 playoffs and 8 tests. Dhoni makes multiple verdicts on the field with a calm head. Dhoni turns the match in his favor with a decision. hence, Dhoni's position in this match will be pivotal. 


  •  R. Gaikwad 

 Chennai's Marathmola nature Riturad Gaikwad is down to remove the feathers of the opposing squad's bowlers. Rituraj is nowadays in good form. Rituraj has hit a whole of 20 sixes and 56 fours so far this season. hence, Chennai will be hoped to perform in the series from Rituraj in this key playoff match as well

  • Ravindra Jadeja

 In Ravindra Jadeja, Dhoni's patriot and Chennai's ace of command. Jadeja where low. Jadeja is doing well on all three fronts, fluff, bowling and fielding. In the last multiple matches, netizens addicts have also got to see the game finisher in Jadeja. Jadeja has frequently turned the match around for Chennai. So, the squad control will hope good performance from Jadeja on all three fronts. 

  • S. Dhawan (Shikhar Dhawan)

 Delhi batsman Shikhar Dhawan is known for his aggressive batting. Shikhar is the topmost- scoring batsman from Delhi this season. In 14 Matches Shikhar Dhawan Scored 544 runs. At the top, Delhi will have a responsibility to give a good beginning. 

  •  A. Nortje 


 Anrich Norkhia is one of Delhi's leading bowlers. Norcia's work in this decisive playoff match will also be important. Enrique didn't play in the first leg of the 14th season. Though, he has taken 9 wickets in 6 matches in the successive phase. Enrique has much given the squad hatches at key moments. So, all eyes will be on Enrique's strategy against Chennai in this match. 


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